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Ken Zen Ichii Martial Arts System

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KEN ZEN ICHII is a system for the furthering of that which is essential, how to behave on this earth before one departs.

Although the purpose of the House of Soke is to teach martial arts as a method of self-defense, our primary focus is not to simply teach students how to punch and kick but to teach them the discipline and philosophy on which the art is founded; the unity of mind, body, and spirit. We strive to develop many of the positive attributes that are needed in our society. Whether we are teaching Pee-Wees (ages 5 -9), Juniors (ages 10-15), or Adults, our goal is that every student realize his or her full potential. The discipline they use in class is the same discipline they can use in their academic, professional, and personal lives. We encourage anyone who is interested in studying the art of Ken Zen Ichii to visit our school and observe our classes. We welcome questions asked of both our instructors and students. We have every confidence you will find our classes and instructions challenging, uplifting, and rewarding.


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