KZI Precepts

"The mind, body, and soul of a warrior are one." This is the emodiment of the Ken Zen Ichii system. It is a system of martial arts founded by Arthur Beverford. Master Orland Centeno of the Philippines, a student of Beverford, introduced and trained Dwight Childress in the arts of Wado Ryu and Ken Zen Ichii. Ken Zen Ichii has been further developed by Soke Dwight Childress of Huntersville, N.C.

Soke Childress began instruction in 1971 at the pavilion on College Hill Park in Poughkeepsie, NY. The School was originally known as The Brotherhood of Self-Defense and Respect. Soke Childress has been active in martial arts since the early 1960's.

Although the purpose of the House of Soke is to teach the martial arts, our primary focus is not teaching students to simply punch and kick. Rather, we teach the discipline/philosophy on which the art is founded— the unity of mind, body, and spirit. We strive to develop many of the positive attributes that are needed in our society.

Whether we are teaching Pee-Wee's (ages 5 to 9), juniors (ages 10 to 15), or adults, our goal is that every student realizes his or her full potential. We aim to coach our students and teach Karate as a way of life. The discipline they use in class that allows them to see their potential is the same discipline they can use in their academic, professional and personal lives. We want every one of our students to become the most productive citizens they are capable of being. To stay true to oneself is to stay true to the art.

We encourage anyone who is interested in studying the art of Ken Zen Ichii to come visit our school and observe our classes. We welcome questions asked of both the students and the instructors. We have every confidence you will find the classes and instruction challenging, uplifting, and rewarding.